Thursday, April 30, 2009

City receives stimulus funds for sewer projects

The City of Richmond's Department of Public Utilities requested funding for five projects which would help finance a new stormwater system to reduce sewage flow into the river. The State Water Control Board announced this week that, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, three of Richmond's projects would be nearly fully funded.

The projects are:
  • A sanitary sewer will be installed on Orleans Street, east of the railroad bridge to Williamsburg Road at a cost of $979,000, separating Orleans from Nicholson Street's sewer line.

  • An on line storage facility and a solids and floatable control regulator will be constructed at the Oakwood Project to allow combined sewage in excess of capacity to be captured and stored and then conveyed to the wastewater treatment plant after a storm subsides. The project includes rehabilitation of approximately 4,000 linear feet of existing interceptor sewer and was funded at $3,551,000.

  • A solids and floatable control regulator will be constructed at an existing combined sewer overflow outfall pipe to improve the aesthetic quality of the discharge into Almond Creek, funded at $1,678,000.

Projects were selected based on anticipated environmental benefits, how soon they could be started, and the financial hardship of the locality and its unemployment rate.

In addition, Richmond water customers will benefit from Lynchburg's award of $25 million for five projects to modernize its sewers in an effort to eliminate raw sewage overflows into the James River. Richmond's drinking water is taken out of the river after it is used, treated and returned by the city of Lynchburg and other localities west.

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