Friday, September 18, 2009

Price of Gas to Go Down 11 Percent in October

The City of Richmond is lowering the price of natural gas, effective on the October utility bills.

The average residential customer who uses 70 Ccf (a Ccf is 100 cubic feet of natural gas) per month will pay approximately $91.75 compared to the current bill of $102.95, an 11 percent reduction in the total gas bill.

The City passes along the cost of the natural gas it purchases to its customers, dollar for dollar, without markup. DPU analysts periodically review and adjust rates based on market and weather conditions.

DPU offers information and programs year-round to encourage customers to better manage their utility bills and seek assistance before bills become unmanageable. DPU also encourages customers to consider enrolling in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP) in order to avoid large seasonal fluctuations in their monthly bill. More information about EMPP and other programs is available by calling 644-3000 or visit DPU's website.

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  1. In your efforts to "encourage customers to better manage their utility bills," perhaps you could consider making it possible to arrange payments at any point in the billing cycle. Owing to some temporary financial issues, I called at the end of September to do so, and was told that I needed to call back after the new meter reading. Now it's three weeks later and I've come home from work on a Friday night and found I have no water, no way to pay the bill, and nobody to call about turning it back on until Monday. What kind of utility leaves people with no water all weekend? Yes, I need to be more aware of my bill, but it would be nice to have some way to fix my mistake without waiting until Monday.