Friday, February 26, 2010

2009 Pretreatment and Stormwater Awards

The Pretreatment and Stormwater Awards recognize companies that are 100 percent compliant with their Industrial Waste and Pretreatment Permit. This involves operating wastewater equipment in such a way that their wastewater does not cause difficulties for the normal operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The awards also recognize companies that demonstrate environmental stewardship by instituting additional programs in areas such as recycling, spill prevention, or natural resource protection.

Gold Pretreatment Awards: Afton Chemical Company and TransMontaigne

Silver Pretreatment Awards: Altadis, Inc., Carter Printing Company, Citgo Petroleum, Colonial Plating Shop, Domestic Uniform Rental, Dominion Virginia Power - Bellemeade Station, Duro Bag Manufacturing Company, First Energy Corporation, Packaging Corporation of America, River City Linen, Specialty Finishes, Inc., Total Cleaning Power, Inc., Unifirst Corporation, and Upaco Adhesives, Inc.

Pollution Prevention Award: Unifirst Corp.

Stormwater Awards:

Best Management of a BMP: Commonwealth Commercial

Best Low Impact Design Retrofit: Moseley Architects

Best Stormwater Design of a Public Space: GRTC Transit System Headquarters

Best Small Stormwater Project: Second Presbyterian Church

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