Monday, August 16, 2010

Greening Virginia's Capitol

The Department of General Services will be working with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to create a “green corridor” in downtown Richmond and around the State Capitol building. This project will be using $798,988 of a federal grant funding four projects in the Commonwealth that focus on implementing innovative “green” techniques and technologies.

The project will help reduce the amount of polluted storm water runoff that enters the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by about 65 percent.
The project will, in partnership with numerous local, state, federal and non-profit organizations, install a combination of practices that will create a “green” corridor along 9th and 10th Street from Bank to Cary, and at two alleys within blocks of the Square.

In Capitol Square, the terraced brick steps will be replaced with permeable pavers, a rain garden will be installed to collect and filter rain water and prevent erosion, and rain water collected in the storm trap will be reused to irrigate the grounds.

Legislators, state and city government employees, downtown business employees, citizens, and tourists visit Capitol Square on a daily basis. This highly visible project site will provide an educational opportunity for citizens and other visitors to learn about reducing storm water runoff utilizing innovative low impact development techniques such as green streets, permeable pavers, and rain gardens.

For more information and to see maps and a video of the project, visit

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