Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Customer Photo

J. Carpenter gives a thumbs-up for this natural gas generator installed earlier this year. His wife Virginia reports, "It has served us well during the 43 1/2-hour power outage of June 25, 2012. It kept the electricity on for our air conditioning, lights, computer, phone, radio, television, microwave and toaster oven. By using extension cords, two of our Northside neighbors took turns keeping their refrigerators cold.

"Days later, the generator was in use again for a three-hour outage. Once a week we hear it cut on for 12 minutes to recharge its battery.

"Our hot water heater has used natural gas for many years. Eight years ago, we had the oil furnace replaced with a natural gas furnace we find reliable and efficient. We are pleased to have added the natural gas generator to our set of useful modern conveniences that have become necessities! Mr. Carpenter says a generator gives 'senior security.'"

The Carpenters say the company that installed the generator took care of the permits as well.

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