Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mosquito Season Has Begun

The 2013 mosquito season began April 16. We'll be spraying larvicide in Highland Park, Ginter Park, Battery Park, Azalea, Westminster, Windsor Farms, the West End, Oregon Hill, Randolph, The Fan, Maymont Park, City Stadium, Fairfield, Mosby, Church Hill, Fulton, Shockoe, Willow Lawn, Northside, and Southside! We move from neighborhood to neighborhood every 30-45 days in that order.

Mosquito season ends Oct. 31. Watch us treat a storm drain!
Focus areas are storm drains, parks and easements where there's standing water where mosquitos leave their eggs. You can help by clearing and emptying all vessels containing standing water from your property.

All mosquitoes must have water in which to complete their life cycle, any kind of water from melted snow to sewage effluent, wherever they can find it. They lay their eggs in tree holes that periodically hold water, tide water pools, sewage effluent ponds, irrigation ditches, rain water ponds, a empty flower pot or upside down trash can lid you might have left in your yard.  

Only the adult females bite humans and animals. The male mosquitoes feed only on plant juices. 
Most female mosquitoes have to get a sufficient blood meal before they can lay eggs. 

Most mosquitoes stay within a mile or two of where they hatched. 
The length of life of the adult mosquito usually depends on several factors: temperature, humidity, sex of the mosquito and time of year. Most males live a very short time, about a week; and females live about a month depending on the above factors.

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  1. Outdoors in the Hanover/Grove/Tilden/Roseneath block is invested with mosquitos. Among the sources of breeding opportunities are the large potholes that run behind the houses. They will with rainwater. Will the city please treat them for mosquitos. A more permanent fix of course would be to fill the potholes with gravel.