Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Citizens Academy Stormwater Tour

Student Joseph A. Seidell and DPU Director Bob Steidell

Student Thomas Jone and Director Steidell

Student Melissa Page and Director Steidell

Student Eileen Scribner and Director Steidell
Director Steidell and student Barbara Gordon

Director Steidell and student Corinna Beale

Program Manager Darryl Rivers and Community Outreach Coordinator Gay Stokes talk about stormwater

Darryl Rivers

Boarding the trolley for the tour!

Trades Technician Horace Todd, who works with mosquito abatement, joined the tour

Streetlighting bucket trucks

Afton Avenue

This construction prevents stormwater from flooding the property.

Piping installed along Alaska Street prevent flooding by running rainwater along ditches to the creek

All the leaves in this ditch are going to cause the street to flood. Don't rake your leaves into the street or in storm drainage ditches.

Manhole at the base of a green alley that absorbs stormwater

The green alley near 5th Street downtown. The permeable pavers absorb stormwater.

Students examining the vegetated filter strips near 9th and Grace streets

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