Wednesday, January 15, 2014

State of DPU!

In 2013, the Department of Public Utilities:
  • Replaced one of the three pumps at the Church Hill pumping station and all three variable speed drives to increase the capacity of the station
  • Installed new storage and feed systems for aqua ammonia and zinc orthophosphate at the Water Treatment Plant
  • Installed a slurry wall along a portion of the Water Treatment Plant berm to improve structural and watertight integrity
  • Improved stormwater drainage and isolation gates at the Byrd Park Reservoir
  • Replaced the chlorine disinfection system with a new and safer ultraviolet light disinfection system and made improvements to the Wastewater Plant's main electrical distribution system
  • Made improvements to the aeration process equipment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, replaced the nine return activated sludge pumps and three waste activated sludge pumps, installed a new bioaugmentation system and a new system for removal of scum from the final sediment tanks
  • Completely renovated the Shockoe Sanitary Pump Station to include four new pumps, new variable speed drives, new electrical transformers and motor control centers, and a new control system
  • Installed 145 streetlights, including major projects: Second Street connector, Great Shiplock Park, Fan District lighting, Midlothian corridor, Inlight 2013 event, and the green alley at Laurel and Shafer streets.
  • Began a five-year program for better team communication and engagement with our customers
  • Chesapeake Bay compliance, outstanding removal of polluting nutrients in 2013; nitrogen limit 36 percent better than DEQ permitted; phosphorus limit 24 percent better.
  • Received a $45M  grant from state to continue control of pollution from combined sewer overflows
  • Received a $1,670,839 grant from state to continue control of pollution from stormwater
  • Water treatment and distribution was 100 percent compliant with all safe drinking water laws
  • All DPU operations became safer for the public and first responders by eliminating use of all hazardous gas chemicals in all water treatment processes
  • Streetlight utility repair and emergency response was outstanding
  • Natural gas utility reliability and stable cost to customers was outstanding
  • Compress natural gas as a vehicle fuel increased in 2013 with GRTC buses, RIC shuttle buses, and planning for DPU fleet conversions
  • Cost of service study for the natural gas, water and wastewater utilities completed and best practice rate changes approved by City Council

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