Monday, May 11, 2015

Church Hill Water Tank Being Replaced

The Church Hill water tank is approximately 61 years old and has reached the end of its useful life. The rehabilitation of the existing tank is not considered cost effective and therefore the tank will be replaced. A replacement tank will ensure that the City continues to provide high-quality drinking water and distribution of water to customers. The City also plans to replace the existing street lighting substation equipment which is located on this site with new equipment to ensure continued reliable street lighting service.

How will the tank construction and demolition impact my water service?
During new tank construction, the existing tank will remain in service. Once the new tank is complete and on-line, the existing tank will be demolished. With this sequence of construction, we do not anticipate any water service disruptions.
Will this work impact access to the nearby Ethyl B. Furman park area?
The construction project will be within a fenced area and public access to the construction site will not be allowed due to safety considerations. Full use and access to the park will remain unchanged during construction.
Will this work impact traffic in the area?
The work is adjacent to public roads and some short-term lane closures will be needed. Lane closures will be scheduled for minimum disruption during peak traffic hours.

Will this work impact on-street parking?
During construction, on-street parking on N. 30th Street, between M and N streets will be restricted on the northwest side (closest to the tank site). Lane closures and restricted parking may span over multiple days. Depending on weather and construction progress, on-street parking may also be limited over the weekend. Signs will be posted. Remaining streets should remain unaffected.

Will school bus traffic be affected?
The work will not affect school bus traffic or existing school bus routes.
When will this work be performed?
The City of Richmond’s Department of Public Utilities anticipates that the work will mainly be performed between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Some isolated construction tasks may need to be performed after-hours or on weekends when water demands are reduced.

How long will it take?
New tank construction is anticipated to take 10-13 months. Existing tank demolition is anticipated to take 2-3 months.  The replacement of the existing street lighting substation and site restoration and final landscaping is anticipated to take 5-8 months.

Will the tank be drained?
The existing tank will be drained prior to demolition. Water will be drained to either the existing sewer system or trucked off-site by tankers.

Will the site be fenced?
The site will be fenced and the existing fence will be replaced by a new ornamental fencing system for facility security and safety.

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