Thursday, March 3, 2016

You Dig? Call 811

Many utility lines are buried underground. Hitting a line while digging or excavating can cause a lot of damage.

Before anyone does any underground digging, a call should be made to the one-call (Miss Utility) center (8-1-1). This one call will contact the owners of the underground facilities (and pipelines) in the immediate area where digging will take place, so that they can mark the location of their facilities pior to excavation. This includes underground natural gas, water, sewer, telephone, cable TV, electric and others.

Excavators are required to allow time for utilities to mark their facilities and are required to take certain precautions when working in the immediate area of underground facilities. The use of mechanized equipment is prohibited within two feet of either side of any utility.

The one-call (Miss Utility) center can provide the specific details of what is required. Failure to comply with this law can jeopardize public safety, and can result in costly damages and substantial fines.

How to Get More Information
Call (Virginia) 811 or 800-552-7001 before you dig, or visit

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