Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fendall Avenue Green Alley Project Oct. 17-Dec. 9

The Department of Public Utilities' Fendall Avenue Green Alley project involves retrofitting the existing alley surface connecting Fendall Avenue with Culpepper Street between Fendall and Garland, utilitizing low impact development -- also known as green technologies. The low impact practices to be used in this alley include a pervious concrete block system and an underground infiltration trench that will provide stormwater runoff treatment and storage.

This project was funded by the City of Richmond Stormwater Utility and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. 

Residents of the odd numbered block of 3500 Fendall should put their trash cans on the streetfront side of their house on their scheduled Monday collection day so the trash collection truck can access the can. The normal trash pick-up location will resume when the project is completed, approximately Dec. 9.

Those who normally park in this alley should find an alternate parking space during construction. To be successful, the alley should not be used during construction. Signs will be posted to alert residents that the alley is closed to parking. Parking along the street is suggested. If you do park in the alley during this project, you may find it difficult to leave because of crews and equipment.

In progress, end of October


Work in Progress


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