Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Public Utilities Announces Increase in Purchase Gas Cost

The City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities (DPU) today announced an increase in the price of the purchased gas cost (PGC). This is a PGC increase of $0.325 to $0.450, which by law, extends this cost to customers. The average residential natural gas customer who uses 70 Ccfs (100 cubic feet) of natural gas per month will see an estimated $8.75 increase in their monthly bill. Other components of the natural gas bill – the distribution charge and customer charge – are unchanged.

At the time of this release, DPU’s PGC rate is less than or equal to surrounding natural gas franchises. According to DPU Director Bob Steidel, “This increase is largely due to increased demand in the natural gas market. By law, DPU passes along the cost of the natural gas purchased and delivered to customers, dollar for dollar without any markup.”

Across all energy sectors (electricity, heating oil, propane), natural gas remains the most efficient and economical choice of fuel for home heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying. DPU offers information and programs year-round to encourage customers to better manage their utility bills and seek assistance before bills become unmanageable. DPU also encourages customers to consider enrolling in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan in order to avoid large seasonal fluctuations in their monthly bill. More information about EMPP and other programs is available by calling (804) 646-7000 or visiting DPU’s website at www.richmondgov.com/DPU.

  •  DPU offers the Equal Monthly Payment Program (EMPP), which spreads payments evenly over 12 months, and other convenient payment plans. The EMPP works well because the annual customer bill is used to calculate an equal payment amount that spreads the cost over the entire year and allows customers to develop a monthly energy budget. Call DPU’s Customer Care Center at (804) 646-7000 for more information.
  • Beginning Dec. 15, residents within DPU's service territory may apply for funds through the City's MetroCare Program. This heating bill paying assistance program provides funds to families and individuals who are having trouble paying their primary heating bills due to a financial difficulty or other special hardship. For more information, call (804) 646-7000.

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