Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Time to Get Cooking!

 The decision to use natural gas in the kitchen is, of course, a nat­ural one! A national homeown­er
energy preference study found that 75 percent of new homeown­ers prefer natural gas for cooking. Several benefits make natural gas an attractive option. Cooking with natural gas costs about half as much as electricity, and many new models of natural gas ranges, stoves, ov­ens and grills use electronic spark ignition rather than a continuously burning pilot light, saving as much as 30 percent of the gas cost.

Professional chefs rave about the intricate heat control natural gas of­fers. Primary benefits also include even heat with greater control over temperature; faster cook times; and immediate heat. And now, some gas ranges and cooktops even come with special high-Btu burners for rapid heat and low-Btu burners for simmering; further increasing cooking control and efficiency.

But the real beauty of natural gas is that, although it is synonymous with precision cooking, it’s also the economical choice to save both time and mon­ey in the kitchen, allowing you more time with family and friends. So give us a call today at 646-8544 to ignite your culinary passions and cook like a pro without sacrificing your time. (Excerpted from Natural Living Magazine)

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