Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Update on the Church Hill Water Tank Replacement

The city is replacing the five million gallon ground storage Church Hill tank located at 714 N. 30th Street between 29th, 30th, M and N streets. The tank holds drinking water provided directly to customers.

The existing tank was built in 1954 and has been in service 61 years, reaching the end of its useful life. Replacement work involves building a new tank and demolishing the old tank once the new one is in service. The new tank is anticipated to be south of the existing tank, behind the Church Hill Pump Station building.

Construction of the new tank's concrete foundation has been completed and construction of the tank walls is expected to start this month (March 2017) and take about six months to complete.

The construction will be within a fenced area and public access will not be allowed due to safety considerations. Full use and access to the Ethyl B. Furman Park remains unchanged. Some short-term lane closures will be needed. Lane closures will be scheduled for minimal disruption during peak traffic hours.

During construction, on-street parking on N. 30th between M and N streets will be restricted on the northwest side, closest to the tank. Lane closures and restricted parking may span over multiple days and weekends. Signs will be posted two days before work starts.

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