Tuesday, May 23, 2017

E. Franklin Street Sewer Replacement Project

DPU is replacing 850 linear feet of a combined sewer on E. Franklin Street between Ambler Street and N. 19th. A combined sewer collects stormwater and sanitary sewer. The existing sewer was constructed in the 1880's or earlier!

The work will involve replacement of the existing sewer with new PVC pipe, installation of six new manholes, connecting the new sewer to the existing combined sewer system, reinstatement of multiple storm sewer and sanitary sewer laterals to the new combined sewer, and site restoration.

Here's the schedule:

Work Between Ambler St. and N. 17th St. (42” Pipe):
• May 2017 – June 2017
Work Between N. 17th St. and N. 18th St. (36” Pipe):
• July 2017 – August 2017
Work Between N. 18th St. and N. 19th St. (24” Pipe):
• September 2017
Final Restoration Work:
• October 2017

What is the purpose of the project?
The existing combined sewer is over 135 years old and is deteriorating.

How will the combined sewer replacement impact my sewer service?
We anticipate minimal sewer service disruption during construction to the three parcels located along the project corridor. Owners of these parcels will receive a minimum seven-day notice when the disruption will occur and its duration. Replacement of each lateral will be scheduled with each parcel owner for a time -- weekends, nights -- when the impact will be minimal.

Will the combined sewer replacement impact any other utilities?
No. Existing utilities crossing the excavation area will be temporarily supported in order to remain in service until the excavation is backfilled and compacted.

Will this work impact traffic in the area?
The work is primarily in the westbound lane of Franklin between Ambler and N. 19th. Road closures will be required, but will be phased so only a single block of Franklin or an intersection of Franklin and a cross street are closed at any given time. Roads will be reopened at the end of every work day unless there are unforeseen conditions.

Will this work impact on-street parking?
Yes. On-street parking will be restricted on roads closed during construction working hours. On-street parking will be available outside of construction work hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., week days. Some isolated tasks may need to be performed after hours or on weekends.

How long will this take?
Five to six months, weather permitting.

Will the project impact the Lumpkin's jail archeological area?
No. In the event that archeological findings are unearthed during excavation, the project will be stopped and the State Department of Historic Resources contacted.

Project manager: Quinton Nottingham, 646-5365
Media contact: Angela Fountain, 646-7323

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