Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaf Collection Season Begins

The Department of Public Works has released the 2014-15 leaf collection schedule, which is always subject to change if snow falls and the leaf collection trucks are needed to do snow removal duty.

The current schedule is

  • Maymont, Byrd Park, Oregon Hill, Carillon, Nov. 10-14
  • Broad Rock, Brookbury, Nov. 10-21
  • Worthington Farms, Nov. 17-21
  • Westover Hills, Forest Hill, Woodland Heights, Nov. 17-28
  • Windsor Farms, University of Richmond surrounding neighborhoods, Far West End, Nov. 17-28
  • Bellemeade, Nov. 24-28
  • Newtown, Carver, Jackson Ward, Nov. 24-28
  • Northside, Highland Park, Nov. 24-Dec. 5
  • The Fan, Shaffer Street, Dec. 1-6
  • Westover Gardens, Dec. 1-12
  • Museum District, Dec. 8-12
  • Church Hill, Fulton - Dec. 8-19
  • Stratford Hills, Willow Oaks, Dec. 8-19
  • Bellevue, Ginter Park, Washington Park, Dec. 22-Jan. 2
  • Stony Point, Dec. 22-Jan. 2
Rake leaves to the property line adjacent to your street prior to your scheduled collection date. NEVER rake the leaves and debris into the street. Dirt, rocks, metal or branches should be removed from leaf piles. If they are visible or detected during the vacuum process, your pile will be passed by.

Residents who bag their leaves should use biodegradable brown paper lawn or leaf bags as they can be recycled with the leaves. City crews will pick up 25 bags of leaves year round on regular trash collection days. There is no limit to how many bags you can put out during your designated vacuum collection days.

You can also dispose of leaves by taking them to the East Richmond Road Convenience Center, 3800 East Richmond Road, the Maury Street landfill at 2900 Maury Street, or the Powerline at 8600 Huguenot Road, at the northwest corner of Chippenham Parkway.

Updates to the schedule will be posted at as winter progresses, or you can call the leaf hotline at 646-5323.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wastewater Plant Audit Scheduled for Nov. 17-19

The Wastewater Treatment Facility in Richmond, Virginia has implemented a biosolids Management Program (BMP) as specified by the National Biosolids Partnership. A BMP is a modern management approach to develop, implement, and monitor environmentally sustainable practices. A BMP helps a utility be more efficient, responsive, and protective of the environment, beyond regulatory compliance.

A successful biosolids BMP depends on input from interested parties and external oversight from independent auditors. The auditors verify that the utility is effectively managing their environmental and community health impacts. The Wastewater Treatment Facility is preparing to undergo an independent audit on Nov. 17-19, 2014.

Interested parties can contact Wastewater at (804) 646-8435 email Utility Buddy to provide input on or to observe the audit process. You can also request specific information and/or receive biosolids EMS program correspondence.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Richmond urges you to clean up after your dog

Richmond urges you to clean up after your dog

City Announces Decrease in the Cost of Purchased Gas

The city of Richmond Department of Public Utilities (DPU) announced today a 20 percent reduction in the purchased gas cost (PGC) rate. This decrease is the result of improved price projections and increases in natural gas usage over the summer.
Mayor Dwight Jones stated that, “By law, the city passes along the cost of the natural gas it purchases and delivers to its customers, dollar for dollar without any markup. As we enter the heating season, I’m pleased that we are in a position to announce this 20 percent reduction in the cost. The city will continue to review and adjust the gas costs on a quarterly basis to reflect the price that DPU pays for natural gas.”

Beginning with the first natural gas bill received in November 2014, the PGC will decrease from $0.815 to $0.650 per Ccf (100 cubic feet of natural gas). As a result, the average residential customer who uses 70 Ccf per month will pay approximately $91.99 compared to a current bill of $103.54, an 11 percent reduction in the total natural gas bill.

Across all energy sectors (electricity, heating oil, propane), natural gas prevails as the most efficient and economical choice of fuel for home heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying. DPU offers information and programs year-round to encourage customers to better manage their utility bills and seek assistance before bills become unmanageable. DPU also encourages customers to consider enrolling in the Equal Monthly Payment Plan in order to avoid large seasonal fluctuations in their monthly bill. More information about EMPP and other programs is available by calling 646-7000 or visiting DPU’s website at

It's Canal Dredging Time

It's time for the annual dredging of the Haxall Canal inlet area, and this year we're changing the way we do it. We're going to use an excavator to lift the sand and load it onto trucks. The bridge onto Brown's Island will not be used. Access to the island will be through the small park on Tredegar Street, across from the Civil War Museum. We feel this is a more efficient method of removing sand buildup.

This work cannot be done during high water. Currently the river level is below 4.5 feet and there are no storms in the forecast, so we plan to start Monday, Oct. 27 and finish approximately Nov. 7, working Monday through Friday. The event on Brown's Island Nov. 1 will not be impacted.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Floodwall Walkway Under Manchester Bridge Closed Until February

Beginning Oct. 24, the floodwall walkway for pedestrian traffic under both sides of the Manchester Bridge will be closed for repair work. The work involves painting, repair and water line rehabilitation and will continue through February 2015.

Work will be done primarily Monday through Friday, and weekends and evenings when weather conditions are favorable. Because this is a construction zone, pedestrians and bicyclists should avoid it. Signage will be posted.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Customer Photos!

We're getting so many wonderful submissions for the customer photos in Utility Talk. Here's what's coming in for the winter issue:

Albert Ruffin has a natural gas back-up generator. He says he's never without power!

Ben Thomason of Glen Allen is testing the sauce on his natural gas range. A Photoshop composite. Can you guess which elements were added to the original photo for this creative rendering?

Julie Zen is preparing tofu with spicy peanut sauce on her natural gas range.

Kezzie Joyner, 3, shows her appreciation for her natural gas hot water heater.