Thursday, August 25, 2016

Watershed Information Open House, Forest Hill Park, Aug. 25 Photos

Are you ready for hurricane season?

By the end of July this year, Metro Richmond has already experienced a couple of thunderstorms with high winds that toppled trees and knocked out electrical power for days...and it wasn’t even hurricane season yet.

Seven of the last eight hurricanes to impact Richmond happened in August and September.

Hurricanes cause flooding. Are you prepared for a flood? Do you know the evacuation route should your main road be blocked by downed trees or flooding?

If you live in an area next to a stream or river, do you have flood insurance to protect your valuables?

Protect your family and your property. Prepare now. Map out alternative routes, stock up on water and medicines, keep cash on hand in case of power outages. Get flood insurance even if you rent to protect your valuables. Most homeowner policies don’t cover flood insurance. Check your policy now before a storm hits. Be prepared! Know the risks! Visit or call 646-7586.