Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water Heater Safety Tips

▲Hot water heaters should be properly sized for your house.

▲Extra thick insulation helps prevent radiant heat loss and saves energy and money.

▲ Water temperatures above 120 degrees F can cause scalding, especially on young children and the elderly.

▲ Sediment build-up can cause premature tank failure and excess cost on fuel bills. Flush hot water through drain valve at least once a year to remove sediment build-up.

▲ Hot water heaters require yearly maintenance to ensure proper operation. Test safety valve once a year.

▲ Keep at least 18 inches around the hot water heater clean and free of combustible and flammable material.

▲ When leaving for vacation, set hot water heater temperature to its lowest setting to save money and reduce the risk of problems while you’re away.

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