Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prevent Water Scalding

Having a water heater thermostat set too high not only keeps your gas or electric bill high, it can cause injury. The majority of water scalding accidents happen to the elderly and children under 5. Third degree burns can occur if you are exposed for as little as 6 seconds to 140 degree water. Even milder temperatures can do harm. It takes just 30 seconds to be burned by 130 degree water, and 5 minutes to 120 degree water.

You can be scalded if you fall into the bathtub, don’t test the water before you get in or place a child in, or the temperature changes while you are in the shower because someone else in the house turned on water. Children can burn themselves playing with the faucet.

The American Burn Association recommends 100 degrees as the safest temperature for bathing. Never exceed 120 degrees. Have a plumber check your water heater to ensure it is within the required temperature of 120 degrees. And if you live with small children or the elderly, consider having an anti-scald device installed in faucets and showerheads that will limit water flow to a trickle if it exceeds 120 degrees.

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