Thursday, December 26, 2013

Richmond Stormwater Receives Two State Grants

The city's Stormwater Division received two grants from the state’s new Stormwater Local Assistance Fund, which were announced by Gov. Bob McDonnell on Dec. 20.

The Pocosham Creek Stream Restoration received $1,218,945 and the Maury Cemetery Stream Restoration received $451,894 in matching funds, for a total of $1,670,839.

Pocosham Creek runs through Belmont Woods and the Fawnbrook neighborhoods in the southwest area of the city. The stream restoration will reduce bank erosion. The Maury Cemetery stream is bound by Maury Street and N. Hopkins Road, and its restoration will reduce bank erosion, restore the natural habitat, and produce pollutant removal credits applicable to the city’s reduction requirements.

DPU Director Bob Steidel said, “We are grateful to the administration and DEQ for continuing to fund clean water projects in the City of Richmond. The two projects funded through the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund are part of the $12 million annual stormwater capital improvement plan to clean up storm water for the upcoming fiscal year and the funding assistance provided is much needed.”

In all, 31 Virginia localities received grants totaling $22.9 million for 71 projects to comply with new mandates. 

The funds are administered by the Department of Environmental Quality. 
This year’s winners were based on projects most cost effective to remove the highest levels of pounds of phosphorus, a key pollutant in stormwater. In the past four years, Virginia has reduced nitrogen pollution by 11.1 percent, phosphorus pollution by 7.7 percent, and sediment pollution by 6.9 percent.

Trash in Pocosham Creek, trees down, roots exposed

Bank erosion at Pocosham Creek