Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take Precautions Around Gas Meters

As the owner or occupant of a building supplied with natural gas, you have a responsibility to ensure the gas meter, regulator and associated piping are protected from damage. You are responsible for the maintenance of any piping from the gas meter to your gas appliances.

Take care around gas piping when using your lawn mower, brush cutter or digging in garden beds.

Do not scratch or damage the protective coating on the meter and piping.

Do not hang things from the gas piping.

Do not chain a pet, bicycle, gas grill or anything else to the gas meter or piping.

Do not anchor laundry lines or plant supports to the gas meter or piping.

Maintain a safe clearance between your gas, charcoal or propane grill and the gas meter.

Maintain a 2-foot clearance to allow access to the meter and meter shut-off valve. Maintain at least a 3-foot clearance around commercial meters.

Do not disconnect, move or disturb the gas meter.

Do not change or alter the service connection in any manner.

Call Miss Utility at 811 at least three full business days before digging in your yard. This will allow time for the utility lines buried in the area to be marked. The call and markout service are free.

Questions? Call 646-8300.

Posted by Mariane Jorgenson

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