Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gas Main Renewal in the Northside

Officials from the Department of Public Utilities met with Third District residents at the Police Academy, Wednesday, July 28, 2010 to address concerns about the gas main renewal project in the Brookland Park Boulevard area. Residents had said the contractors failed to inform them of street closings and yard marking. The normal procedure is to notify by doorhangers, with the relevant information posted on the front doors of homes impacted by the work.

The cast iron renewal project is a 40-year project to replace all the city's cast iron gas mains with heavy duty plastic, which is more efficient, durable, safe, and less likely to be damaged by underground water leaks. The city replaces approximately 18 miles of old piping a year and is currently halfway through the 40-year project. Part of the project includes reconnecting homes along the route to the new gas mains, and modifying or moving gas meters that were originally positioned in now inappropriate or unsafe locations.

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