Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cold Weather Policy for Service Disconnection

Gas service will not be disconnected when the daily temperature is equal to or less than 32 degrees from Dec. 1-March 31 if
  • The below freezing forecasted temperature is for a 24-hour period
  • It occurs on a Friday or any time during the following weekend
  • The customer has a Life Support coded account which indicates elderly, senior care, dialysis or medical
If payment is not received, service will be disconnected on the next business day that the temperature is predicted to be above 32 degrees for the next 24 hours, or during the weekend.

Unless the service is for a daycare center, nursing home, church or bulk metered multi-dwelling where occupants reside, temperature will not prevent disconnection of these services. 

Confirmed theft of service situations will be disconnected regardless of weather conditions.

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