Monday, August 3, 2015

Take this Natural Gas Safety Quiz!

1. Which of the following signs may indicate a natural gas leak? 
a. A rotten egg or sulfur odor 
b. A hissing sound 
c. Bubbles appearing in outdoor puddles 
d. All of the above 
e. Don’t know 

2. If you suspect or detect a possible natural gas leak, what should you do? There may be more than one right answer to this one.
a. Leave the area on foot 
b. Call 911 from a safe distance 
c. Avoid turning on/off switches 
d. Call the Department of Public Utilities at 646-7000 
e. Attempt to find the leak 
f. Don’t know 

3. How does natural gas get to your home? 
a. Underground pipelines 
b. Delivered by truck 
c. Don’t know 

4. If you are planning to dig, what do you need to do before you start? 
a. Call the Department of Public Utilities
b. Call 811 
c. Do nothing 
d. Don’t know 

Answers (Scroll over the blank line below and they will appear!)
1) d  2) a-d  3) a 4) b

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