Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Water Smells and Tastes Like Bleach

Occasionally we receive calls from customers complaining that their water smells or tastes like bleach. People often associate the smell of chlorine with bleach. Chlorine is added to public water systems as a disinfectant to eliminate any possibility of waterborne disease. Small traces of chlorine in your water is not harmful and is actually required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If it is too much for your taste, try boiling your tap water or chilling it in the refrigerator. Both methods will remove the bleach smell. Filtered water coolers or pitchers with carbon filters will remove the smell and taste of chlorine. You can also install carbon filters at the tap.

Sensitivity to the odor of chlorine varies among consumers, so you may find your water disagreeable, but your neighbors may not notice.

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