Thursday, July 13, 2017

DPU and Fire Hydrant Maintenance

Recently CBS 6 and WRVA AM-1140  aired a story concerning fire hydrants and the City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities maintenance and repair of them. What each story failed to mention was that the availability of fire hydrants in the areas of the reported fires that were featured were not a factor in fire suppression. This was confirmed by the Richmond Fire Department in both cases and stated publicly at a public meeting to discuss the matter.

DPU maintains close to 6,500 fire hydrants throughout our service area, and if a fire hydrant is out of service we want to know about it.  At the time of both stories, less than 1 percent of those fire hydrants were out of service. When customers call to report a fire hydrant that is out of service, be sure to get a reference number so that if the hydrant is not repaired within a reasonable time frame, you can call back and receive the status right away.   

DPU is in the process of implementing an automated fire hydrant inspection program that will make tracking and inspection easier.  Under this new system, once fully implemented, every fire hydrant will be inspected at a rate of once per year. 

DPU is always working hard to improve and streamline our systems in order to provide the best possible service to all of the customers we serve.

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