Thursday, October 13, 2011

Customer Photos

Lisa and Woody Womack have a natural gas heater in their attached garage, a natural gas water heater, a vent-free natural gas fireplace, and they just upgraded to a natural gas cooktop during a kitchen remodeling.

 “These appliances allow us to have hot water, heat, and the ability to cook even when the power is out! We love our new cooktop because of how fast it heats up and cools down,”  says Mr. Womack.

The Department of Public Utilities would like to see photos of you using natural gas products to share with our readers.

Do you cook with natural gas, have a natural gas hot water heater or outdoor grill? Does your clothes dryer use natural gas? Send a digital photo (1-3 MB). If your photo is selected for the next Utility Talk, you’ll win a $25 credit on your gas bill!